Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tips on Moving emails between Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook

MS Outlook, a popular email client of Windows environment, provides excellent connectivity to Exchange Server as it is a Microsoft product. A similar email client was not available for Mac environment earlier. But Outlook for Mac 2011 helps Mac users to connect to MS Exchange Server. This email client is similar to MS Outlook in many ways. However, it is not a well-established product as MS Outlook is.

Outlook for Mac
MS Outlook
OS Environment
File format

Inbox View

Outlook for Mac stores its file in OLM format, which is different from the PST format used by MS Outlook. For the same reason, users of one email client will not be able to access the mailboxes of the other. But there are many situations in which Mac users move to Windows and vice versa. While switching over, email client users have to move their mailboxes to the new environment. As these email clients two different formats, inaccessibility issue arises here. So conversion of format is essential here.

How to Import PST files to Outlook for Mac 2011?

Microsoft provides direct import facility in Outlook for Mac to import PST files of Outlook. So for Mac users it is easy to access Outlook mailboxes. Here are the steps:
  1. First move the PST file to Mac system.
  2. Open Outlook for Mac and click File > Import.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst or .olm) and click right arrow.
  4. Select Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst); click the right arrow.
  5. Locate and select the PST file; click Import.
  6. Finally, click Done

Imported items can be seen in the navigation pane, under On My Computer.

How to Import OLM Files to Outlook PST?
MS Outlook does not have a feature to import OLM files. So a professional tool like Kernel for OLM to PST is the best bet here. It readily converts OLM to PST format that is accessible with MS Outlook. As it is a user-friendly tool, users can perform this conversion very easily without any external help.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Access your Outlook for Mac email data in Windows environment using third-party OLM to PST Convector

Outlook for Mac, a widely and popularly used email application, stores its entire email data including emails, calendars, contacts, views, tasks, rules, journals, notes, and many other items in OLM file format. Working with Outlook for Mac is not an easier task for those having no sound knowledge of its complicated, typical user interface. Outlook for Mac demands technically skilled users and this becomes one of the prominent reasons to convert their Outlook for Mac OLM data to PST file format. Moreover, database structure of OLM files is entirely different from PST files and to continue working with the OLM files in Windows environment, one need to perform conversion from OLM to PST. Manually converting OLM files to PST files is a cumbersome task, and in such a situation selecting a third-party tool is the much better option.

Scenarios that may lead users to perform migration from OLM to PST

There might be a number of situations that may prompt Outlook for Mac users to convert their email data in PST file format:

  • An outlook for Mac user may need to send OLM format emails to Microsoft Outlook users. To do so, firstly one has to convert OLM files to PST files to make them easily accessible in MS Outlook.
  • Need to open OLM files into Windows environment.
  • Difficulty in handling Outlook for Mac email client as it requires high technicalities and maintenance efforts.
  • OLM files may get corrupt, damaged or inaccessible due to any unseen reason. To recover email data from corrupt OLM files, one needs to perform email migration from OLM to PST file format.
  • Location and existence of an OLM file also poses an issue faced by users as Outlook for Mac doesn’t create a physically existing file consisting of email data.
  • Working with a PST file is much easier and convenient as compared to an OLM file. PST files can be accessed easily without depending on whatever the Windows operating system version you are working on. Users feel themselves in more comfort while working with PST files as compared to OLM files.

While looking for third-party solutions for OLM to PST conversion, you will be having numerous options available in the market nowadays. But, you are recommended to opt only that tool that seems to be much secure and reliable. Kernel for OLM to PST is one such third-party tool that performs safe and accurate email conversion from OLM to PST file format. The available free demo version let you evaluate its OLM to PST email migration capabilities.

OLM to PST conversion software accurately converts emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from OLM files to easily accessible MS Outlook PST files keeping their original structure, formatting, properties, Read/Unread status, and Meta data intact. The features that make this utility different among others available in the market nowadays includes option to search specific email items based on different criteria like From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment; and option to save the converted data in PST, MSG and EML file formats. Available at reasonable and competitive prices, the software offers Live Preview and Live Update functionalities.

For more information about this software visit here : http://www.olmtopsts.net

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Follow a manual way to convert OLM email files to Outlook PST

Microsoft has offered two different versions of Outlook email application based on OS. They are MS Outlook for Windows OS and Mac Outlook or Outlook 2011 for Mac OS. These both Outlook versions create different email files; MS Outlook creates .PST and Outlook for Mac creates .OLM files. As you know Mac (Macintosh) OS is not much popular as compared to Windows OS. Similarly, many Mac Outlook users trying to switch to MS Outlook email platform. MS Outlook does not supports .OLM email files so you must have to convert OLM email files into PST file format which is easily supported by MS Outlook.

Such email migration is needed if different cases. In a practical scenario, when Mac OS users go to Windows OS and try to access their Mac Outlook mailbox data over MS Outlook platform. Reliability, usability, accessibility, productiveness of MS Outlook is unbeatable and it attracts users of other email clients. Nowadays, a number of users are looking to migrate their email client from Mac Outlook to MS Outlook.

How to transfer Mac Outlook OLM email files to Outlook PST format?

In order to perform OLM to PST email migration, first of all you need to setup an IMAP mail account so that you can further transfer Mac Outlook emails to Windows Outlook.

Setup an IMAP mail account:

You can easily create an IMAP mail account. For this, you just need to create a Gmail account. When your Gmail account created successfully, you need to setup Mac Outlook with your IMAP mail account. You can follow the steps given below:
  1. Open Mac Outlook. Go to Tools > Accounts.

  2. Click on Email of account page.

  3. Enter your account information. Type your Email address, Password and other information. Click on Add Account button.

  4. The IMAP mail account will be added successfully and you will see your IMAP mail account listed on the Mail tab.
Further, you need to create a Gmail label to synchronize it to the Mac Outlook. Follow the steps given below:
  1. Log into your Gmail account.

  2. Click on the Gear button and then click on setting

  3. At the settings page, click on Labels tab on the top.

  4. You need to create a new label. Click on Create new label button.

  5. Go to your Mac Outlook and update the IMAP mailbox by clicking on the Send/Receive button.
Move emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP mailbox?

In this process, your emails and other mailbox data of an OLM file will be transferred to your IMAP mailbox. Follow the steps shown below:
  1. Open Mac Outlook.

  2. Right click on any mailbox item that you want to move. Click on Move > Copy to Folder.

  3. Now type the name of your IMAP folder and click on Copy.

  4. All the copied emails or other mailbox data have been synchronized to the IMAP mailbox folder.

  5. Move all the emails or other mailbox data from the IMAP mailbox folder to Windows Outlook. You need to setup the same IMAP mail account to the Windows Outlook. Now drag your IMAP mailbox folder data to your Windows Outlook Inbox Folder.
By following these above given steps, you can perform OLM to PST email migration but it needs expertise. In case, you are facing still issues then just try a third party OLM to PST conversion tool like Kernel for OLM to PST. It successfully performs overall OLM to PST email migration without any problems. To know more about Kernel for OLM to PST tool follow this link: http://www.olmtopstconvert.net

Friday, 22 August 2014

OLM to PST Email Migration – Why you need it?

OLM is the file format for storing all the email data of Outlook 2011 for Mac. One may ask what is the need to perform the email migration from OLM to PST file format. Change in the working environment may be one of the prominent reasons to perform the email migration from OLM to PST format. Also, a user using Outlook for Mac in office premises and MS Outlook at home may need to access the emails at some urgent basis. Moreover, compatibility issues with Mac OS and its availability at high cost as compared with Windows OS also prompts users to migrate from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. Furthermore, Outlook for Mac .OLM files are also prone to corruption due to numerous unseen reasons. These corrupt, damaged or inaccessible .OLM files also needs to repaired with complete accuracy to access all the emails stored within.

Manual conversion from OLM to PST is a time-consuming and tedious task that demands highly-skilled professionals to perform the desired migration. Here arises the need for usage of a third-party solution that eases the entire migration from Outlook for Mac environment to Microsoft Outlook environment.

Now deciding an efficient solution among numerous others available for the same OLM to PST migration is a difficult task. What features a user must look in a tool before deciding to purchase it include:
  • Accurate conversion of all emails, contacts, calendar entries, journals, etc. from Outlook for Mac to Microsoft Outlook.
  • An easy-to-use, self-descriptive, user-friendly interface to ease the entire email migration process.
  • Option to search an OLM file among thousands available in the computer system.
  • Maintain the original structure, formatting, and properties of OLM files after conversion.
  • Multiple saving options after performing the conversion.
  • Available as free trial version to evaluate the capabilities.

Kernel for OLM to PST is an eminent OLM to PST email migration software that fulfills all the above-said criteria for a being a perfect solution for OLM to PST conversion. The software facilitates saving recovered or converted email items from OLM files in PST, MSG and EML format. The available Search feature of the software let users find specific items on the basis of different criteria like From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment. The searched items can then be saved in MSG or EML format at desired location. Moreover, available free to download trial version let users evaluate the functionalities before deciding to purchase the full version.

OLM to PST Migrator – A Solution for Easy & Effective OLM to PST file conversion

Outlook for Mac stores all the email data in .OLM file and PST file is the format for storing all the information in Windows Outlook. Outlook for Mac .OLM file data can’t be accessed directly in Microsoft Outlook due to compatibility issues. To access Outlook for Mac data in MS Outlook one need to perform the email migration first. A question arises here that can one perform the email migration from OLM to PST manually? No such method is available for manual conversion of OLM to PST file format. To do this the single option available is usage of third-party OLM to PST file convertor tools. But before discussing these third-party OLM to PST Convertor let’s have a look why one may need to perform the OLM to PST email migration. There might be numerous situations behind the need for performing the OLM to PST conversion and access the OLM file data in Microsoft Outlook:
  • When an organization need to migrate from Mac environment to Windows environment
  • When professionals working in the Mac environment in office wants to access emails at home through Microsoft Outlook
  • In case the Outlook for Mac OLM file get corrupt, damaged or inaccessible and the .OLM file needs to repaired to recover the entire data stored within the .OLM files.
Various reasons responsible for corruption of Outlook for Mac OLM files may include interrupted installation of Outlook on Mac machine, virus infections, corruption in hard disk or data storage media, Microsoft Exchange Server crash, etc. While accessing a corrupt or damaged .OLM file, it may generate error messages like:
  • "An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. Error code - 17199"
  • "This application failed to start because OLM.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"
  • "Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL"
  • “Error Code -17897: Authentication failed because Outlook doesn’t support any of the available authentication methods.”
To overcome all the above-mentioned error messages on corruption of .OLM files or to access OLM file data in MS Outlook, it is highly recommended to use a third-party tool like Kernel for OLM to PST. Whether it is a case of repairing a damaged or corrupt .OLM file or converting an OLM file to PST format, the software accurately repairs your corrupt or damaged OLM files and perform the accurate conversion, displays preview of entire recovered email data and offers various options to save the recovered or converted data in PST, MSG or EML format.

An efficient way to resolve Error 17199 in Outlook for Mac

Outlook 2011 for Mac uses .OLM files for storing all the email data including email messages, contacts, attachments, notes, journals, etc. In an attempt to send an email message in Outlook 2011 for Mac, you may come across an error message:

“An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. The message could not be sent. The account that created this message could not be found. Error Code: 17199”.

Additionally, there might receive a message prompting you to re-enter your email password. Click Yes and enter your email password.

To resolve this error message, you need to execute following steps:
  1. Ensure that you have uninterrupted Internet connection and you can connect to the Web

  2. Delete all emails from the Outbox folder of Outlook 2011 for Mac and then click ‘Send/Receive’ button.

  3. Re-enter your username and password correctly of your Outlook 2011 for Mac.
In case none of the above-mentioned steps works, then it implies that your Outlook 2011 for Mac .OLM file has gone corrupt or damaged. Various reasons responsible for corruption of Outlook 2011 for Mac may include formatted hard disk drive, virus intrusions, Exchange Server crash, hardware error, corruption in storage media, interrupted Outlook installation, invalid Windows Registry, etc.

To access the entire email data stored within the damaged .OLM file, it needs to be repaired with complete accuracy. There is no method to perform OLM to PST conversion and you must use a third-party OLM to PST Convertor. This efficient OLM to PST Conversion tool makes damaged Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files totally accessible by converting them to easily accessible Microsoft Outlook PST file format. The easy to use, self-descriptive, highly-interactive interface of the software makes working on it much easier even for non-technical Outlook 2011 for Mac users.

Kernel for OLM to PST is one such professional email migration tool that efficiently repairs damaged Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files and restores the recovered data in Microsoft Outlook PST files. Even severely corrupted OLM files can be repaired with this tool with complete accuracy while keeping their formatting, structure, and properties intact. The tool displays preview of entire recovered email data and allows saving them in PST, MSG or EML files.
To know more Kernel for OLM to PST software visit here: http://www.olmtopsts.net

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Know why performing OLM to PST migration is no more a nightmare

Outlook MAC email client is very well stuffed with some of the most exciting features and give its user with options like accessing emails, organizing them and finding and filtering emails which are embedded with calendars for the MAC users. But if we talk in context of present scenario, then users do not find it a perfect email client as nowadays users look for the combination which could help them in categorizing the emails effectively and facilitate advance search options etc. Besides this, various research conducted by experts has also shown some of the severe flaws in Outlook 2011 for Mac.

It has been notified that mailbox database of the Outlook MAC very often gets corrupted. As a result, users of Outlook MAC get encountered with the issue of system crash at frequent interval time. Apart from this, it was also noticed that in comparison to the Outlook for Windows, MAC is extremely sensitive and any virus attack result in system crash and damage the data saved in it.

Reasons for OLM to PST Conversion

Moving ahead, if we talk more about the reasons for OLM to PST conversion, then Outlook for MAC have completely failed to complete all the requirements of the users. Users got to resize the images once they attach them with the emails. Adding to that, MAC users has limited usability scope. In fact, Outlook Mac users may find lot difficulty in upgrading the system and improve the functionality of the system resultant. Apart from all these, MAC systems requires a lot of maintenance in comparison to the other systems. Without facing any unnecessary difficulty one can easily handle issues raised while using Windows Outlook platform, which is just not feasible while utilizing Mac platform.

However, if we exclude complexities that are generally associated to Outlook Mac, there are several other reasons that have forced users' mind for data conversion from Mac Outlook to Microsoft Outlook. For resolution of issues in Mac platform, you need to contact a technical professional that will further bother you for money investment. With so many issues while operating Outlook for MAC, it is always better to shift Outlook Mac data into Microsoft Outlook platform.

Solutions Available to Conduct OLM to PST Conversion

An important aspect that one need to keep in mind is that Microsoft does not allow export of Mac Outlook and into Windows Outlook. In order to manually export Mac Outlook to Microsoft Outlook, you would require creating an intermediate IMAP mail client.

  1. Apply or use an existing IMAP mail account. Gmail is one of them and in this example, we will use Gmail.

  2. Just follow the wizard in order to create a Gmail account. Log into the account after successful account creation.

  3. After you login, go to setting page.

  4. At setting page, move to Forward and POP/IMAP tab, and enable IMAP. After this, save the configuration.  

  5. Click on Configure Instruction link to set up IMAP on outlook. 

Setup Mac Outlook with IMAP mail account

  • Open Mac Outlook, on your menu, go to Tools -> Account

  • At the Account page, click on the + -> E-mail

    • Type in the account information base on the IMAP setting at Add Email page

    After you setup the IMAP account successfully, you will be able to view your account listed on the Mail tab.

    Create Gmail Label and synchronize to Mac Outlook

    1. Initially, you got to go to Gmail web interface, and then go to Setting -> Labels

    2. Create a new label. Although, you got to ensure that that the label is show and checkbox of “Show in IMAP” is checked.

    3. Go to Mac Outlook, and click on Send/Receive button to update IMAP mailbox

    Moving Email to IMAP mailbox

    1.  At Mac Outlook, go to your respective emails, Right click -> Move -> Copy to Folder.

    2.  After reaching the Copy page, type the IMAP folder name and then click Copy.

    3. Click Send/Receive to update your Mac Outlook IMAP folder or go to Gmail to refresh the folder.
    You would be able to view your email being synchronized to IMAP mailbox.

    Moving Email from IMAP mailbox to Windows Outlook

    Note: Always do remember that setup of Mac Outlook with IMAP mail account to setup up of IMAP at Windows Outlook are very much similar. You need to setup up your normal mail account that you want to import your IMAP mails, and then drag your IMAP mail to Windows Outlook Inbox folder.

    Now, following this entire manual process can be very time consuming and so it is ideally recommended to opt for a powerful email migration application like Kernel for OLM to PST converter that is capable of conducting OLM to PST conversion. With the help of this software, the user can convert Outlook for Mac emails to MS Outlook effortlessly. It converts the complete user mailbox data stored in selected OLM file. What is more special about the software is its facility that allows user to search specific items based upon different criteria i.e. From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment. Moreover, the software has got the ability to successfully retain the original structure, formatting, properties, read/ unread status and Meta data even after successful conversion. Therefore, if you are one of those who are looking to perform OLM to PST migration, then you don’t have to worry. You may opt a manual method, but to get your desired result without wasting time, usage of third party OLM to PST migration tool is ideally recommended.

    For more information about the software visit - http://www.olmtopstconvert.net

    Wednesday, 16 April 2014

    Fixing OLM File Corruption is possible with OLM Recovery Tool in All Conditions

    Mac Outlook store mailbox data in OLM file format. The important point that one need to keep in mind is that as an individual you may not be able to open an OLM file in any version of Windows Outlook as Windows Outlook only understands PST file format. Working on OLM file format, the real problem starts when you come across the file error or corruption. As a user, you can very well identify the data corruption scenario if any one of the following cases takes place:

    • MS Outlook for Mac OS X got crashed and stops loading abruptly.

    • Every time you made an attempt to open your Outlook after reboot of your system, you get encountered with an error message stating “Microsoft Daemon cannot be opened due to following errors”.

    • Outlook stops functioning after showing this above error message and you get a bouncing logo of Outlook in the doc even after making numerous attempts to open your email client.
    Now, important point that you need to keep in mind is that whenever anyone of these problems occurs in your OLM database, you would require frequently perform adequate action so that you can keep going with regular working.

    What can be done to overcome the corruption of OLM file? 

    Well dealing with such and many other numerous can get tricky if you haven’t maintained a proper backup of data at right time. However, today people have understood the value of data and now each person pursue the practice to backup their crucial stuff.

    Availability of a backup copy is immensely helpful as you can use it to restore data. However, it is important to make certain that you have a valid, full, and most recent backup because if you have not backed up the latest data, you cannot regain access to it once it is lost and you may fail to Recover OLM file. But backup data are still not secure as OLM corruption is one such issue that is very uncertain. Adding to that, chances are also high that you may have not created backup of OLM file. In such a scenario, by making a right utilization of database utility to reconstruct new id of Outlook, it gets possible to fix a number of issues related to the database. There are many who might be recommending you to install the updates from online resources for your Office applications. Nevertheless, the right option that you can opt is installing most suitable OLM Recovery software like Kernel for OLM to PST conversion tool.

    This application is really capable in repairing the damaged files successfully and restores all the data items such as emails, calendars, contacts, emails attachments and other email data from it. The good highlight of this software is the facility that allows user to search specific items depending upon different criteria i.e. From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment. Besides this, the tool also retains the original structure, properties, and Meta data after conversion completely intact. As a user, you can very well download the trial version at free of cost and evaluate its performance.
    To download Kernel for OLM to PST Tool Visit this link - http://www.olmtopstconvert.net/download.html