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OLM to PST Email Migration – Why you need it?

OLM is the file format for storing all the email data of Outlook 2011 for Mac. One may ask what is the need to perform the email migration from OLM to PST file format. Change in the working environment may be one of the prominent reasons to perform the email migration from OLM to PST format. Also, a user using Outlook for Mac in office premises and MS Outlook at home may need to access the emails at some urgent basis. Moreover, compatibility issues with Mac OS and its availability at high cost as compared with Windows OS also prompts users to migrate from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. Furthermore, Outlook for Mac .OLM files are also prone to corruption due to numerous unseen reasons. These corrupt, damaged or inaccessible .OLM files also needs to repaired with complete accuracy to access all the emails stored within.

Manual conversion from OLM to PST is a time-consuming and tedious task that demands highly-skilled professionals to perform the desired migration. Here arises the need for usage of a third-party solution that eases the entire migration from Outlook for Mac environment to Microsoft Outlook environment.

Now deciding an efficient solution among numerous others available for the same OLM to PST migration is a difficult task. What features a user must look in a tool before deciding to purchase it include:
  • Accurate conversion of all emails, contacts, calendar entries, journals, etc. from Outlook for Mac to Microsoft Outlook.
  • An easy-to-use, self-descriptive, user-friendly interface to ease the entire email migration process.
  • Option to search an OLM file among thousands available in the computer system.
  • Maintain the original structure, formatting, and properties of OLM files after conversion.
  • Multiple saving options after performing the conversion.
  • Available as free trial version to evaluate the capabilities.

Kernel for OLM to PST is an eminent OLM to PST email migration software that fulfills all the above-said criteria for a being a perfect solution for OLM to PST conversion. The software facilitates saving recovered or converted email items from OLM files in PST, MSG and EML format. The available Search feature of the software let users find specific items on the basis of different criteria like From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment. The searched items can then be saved in MSG or EML format at desired location. Moreover, available free to download trial version let users evaluate the functionalities before deciding to purchase the full version.

OLM to PST Migrator – A Solution for Easy & Effective OLM to PST file conversion

Outlook for Mac stores all the email data in .OLM file and PST file is the format for storing all the information in Windows Outlook. Outlook for Mac .OLM file data can’t be accessed directly in Microsoft Outlook due to compatibility issues. To access Outlook for Mac data in MS Outlook one need to perform the email migration first. A question arises here that can one perform the email migration from OLM to PST manually? No such method is available for manual conversion of OLM to PST file format. To do this the single option available is usage of third-party OLM to PST file convertor tools. But before discussing these third-party OLM to PST Convertor let’s have a look why one may need to perform the OLM to PST email migration. There might be numerous situations behind the need for performing the OLM to PST conversion and access the OLM file data in Microsoft Outlook:
  • When an organization need to migrate from Mac environment to Windows environment
  • When professionals working in the Mac environment in office wants to access emails at home through Microsoft Outlook
  • In case the Outlook for Mac OLM file get corrupt, damaged or inaccessible and the .OLM file needs to repaired to recover the entire data stored within the .OLM files.
Various reasons responsible for corruption of Outlook for Mac OLM files may include interrupted installation of Outlook on Mac machine, virus infections, corruption in hard disk or data storage media, Microsoft Exchange Server crash, etc. While accessing a corrupt or damaged .OLM file, it may generate error messages like:
  • "An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. Error code - 17199"
  • "This application failed to start because OLM.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"
  • "Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL"
  • “Error Code -17897: Authentication failed because Outlook doesn’t support any of the available authentication methods.”
To overcome all the above-mentioned error messages on corruption of .OLM files or to access OLM file data in MS Outlook, it is highly recommended to use a third-party tool like Kernel for OLM to PST. Whether it is a case of repairing a damaged or corrupt .OLM file or converting an OLM file to PST format, the software accurately repairs your corrupt or damaged OLM files and perform the accurate conversion, displays preview of entire recovered email data and offers various options to save the recovered or converted data in PST, MSG or EML format.

An efficient way to resolve Error 17199 in Outlook for Mac

Outlook 2011 for Mac uses .OLM files for storing all the email data including email messages, contacts, attachments, notes, journals, etc. In an attempt to send an email message in Outlook 2011 for Mac, you may come across an error message:

“An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. The message could not be sent. The account that created this message could not be found. Error Code: 17199”.

Additionally, there might receive a message prompting you to re-enter your email password. Click Yes and enter your email password.

To resolve this error message, you need to execute following steps:
  1. Ensure that you have uninterrupted Internet connection and you can connect to the Web

  2. Delete all emails from the Outbox folder of Outlook 2011 for Mac and then click ‘Send/Receive’ button.

  3. Re-enter your username and password correctly of your Outlook 2011 for Mac.
In case none of the above-mentioned steps works, then it implies that your Outlook 2011 for Mac .OLM file has gone corrupt or damaged. Various reasons responsible for corruption of Outlook 2011 for Mac may include formatted hard disk drive, virus intrusions, Exchange Server crash, hardware error, corruption in storage media, interrupted Outlook installation, invalid Windows Registry, etc.

To access the entire email data stored within the damaged .OLM file, it needs to be repaired with complete accuracy. There is no method to perform OLM to PST conversion and you must use a third-party OLM to PST Convertor. This efficient OLM to PST Conversion tool makes damaged Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files totally accessible by converting them to easily accessible Microsoft Outlook PST file format. The easy to use, self-descriptive, highly-interactive interface of the software makes working on it much easier even for non-technical Outlook 2011 for Mac users.

Kernel for OLM to PST is one such professional email migration tool that efficiently repairs damaged Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files and restores the recovered data in Microsoft Outlook PST files. Even severely corrupted OLM files can be repaired with this tool with complete accuracy while keeping their formatting, structure, and properties intact. The tool displays preview of entire recovered email data and allows saving them in PST, MSG or EML files.
To know more Kernel for OLM to PST software visit here:


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