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How to Get Rid of ‘Error 18000’ For Outlook Mac, which says’ Your Database Could Not Be rebuilt’

How to Get Rid of ‘Error 18000’ For Outlook Mac, which says’ Your Database Could Not Be rebuilt’ Did you encounter application crashes or hangs kind of situation when you tried to quit from your Outlook for Mac application? And later it simply refused to open by displaying an error like “There is a problem with the office database...”.If your answer is yes, then the probability is high that you are facing serious situation where you could easily lose your important mailbox data.

Origin of the Problem

The problem appears after upgrading your existing Office 2011 for Mac with the higher version of Mac productivity suite, such as Service Pack 2 (SP2). After applying such update, user sometimes find troubles in Office Identity Database, because it got corrupted. In such a scenario, when user tries to launch the Office program a message get display “Please upgrade the Office database”.

Such message indicates about the actions that one need to execute as soon as possible. Either you got to upgrade or else rebuild the database. When you choose an Upgrade option, it displays an error like:

‘There is a problem with the Office database. You must rebuild it using the database utility’

And when you select Rebuild option, it gives an error like-

 ‘Your identity is older than this version of Outlook. Please rebuild by using the last version of Outlook that used this identity.’

In the process to upgrade the Office database, you installed Outlook for Mac 14.4.1 version. Here you rigorously try to rebuild the identity database but get stuck over-and-over again in the middle of the process, where the error message is displayed: ‘error 18000’! Such error message appears due to the insufficiency of free space on the hard drive. This is a critical error, and to overcome it, you need to act immediately to resolve it.


To repair ‘error 18000, there are two plans to deal with:

  • Plan A: Manual Process
  •  Plan B: OLM Repair Software

 PLAN A: Resolving ‘error 18000’ using Manual Method

 Before proceeding towards manual process, it is essential to know that this method requires fair amount of time and sufficient space to restore the data. Before commencing the process, make sure you have 8GB of RAM and at least 500GB of disk space on your computer. Backup your Office 2011 for Identities database Go to the Document folder location and open Microsoft User Data folder. Create a duplicate copy of the “Office 2011 identities”folder as backup and place in a safe location to avoid any data loss or mishap during this manual process.

Note: Follow the instructions only if you have updated Office for Mac 2011 to Service Pack 2. You may confirm it by: Open Word >About Word > Word Menu, if the version details are 14.2.0 or above, then SP2 was installed.

 You need to follow the below mentioned instructions step-by-step to recover emails from damaged Outlook for Mac identity.

  •  Uninstall your Microsoft Office 2011 from system and Restart the system
  •  Then Install Office 2011 14.0.0 on your system and make sure it runs perfectly
  •  Launch Microsoft Auto Update and upgrade it to SP1 14.1.0 but not any later versions
  •  Again launch Office programs like Word, Excel etc. and allow them to load completely. Now exit the program
  •  Download Microsoft Office 2011 14.1.4 Update Manually and install it on your system
  •  Try Unplugging or disabling internet connection to avoid any interruption

 Creating a new Outlook identity

  •  Exit from Outlook
  •   Launch Microsoft Database Utility and clear all existing identities using delete option. Such deletion is done to make sure that corrupted identity does not exist anymore.
  •  Create a new blank identity. As there will no identity available in the list after deletion, so it will automatically name it as ‘Identity 1’.
  •  Exit from Microsoft Database Utility window.
 Moving database header folder
  •  Exit from Outlook
  • Click Documents on the Go menu
  • Open Microsoft User Data and then Office 2011 Identities
  • Open the recently created Identity 1 and also open Data Records
  • Go to the Database Headers folder, and then select Copy "Database Headers" from the available options
  • Return to Office 2011 Identities folder
  • Open currently using Main Identity and then open Data Records.
  • Click Paste Item on the Edit menu
  • Click Replace All
  • Exit all open windows
Rebuilding Main identity database

  • Exit from Outlook
  • Click Go>Applications> Microsoft Office 2011> Office folder and run Microsoft Database Utility window
  • Select Main identity
  • Click Rebuild to recover the old identity containing lost data
After following all the steps mentioned above, a successful message will get displayed ‘database was rebuilt successfully’. Now you can quit Database Utility window.

This way you can recover your data without any corruption or loss. In case, some data remains missing or rebuild fails, it is sheer indication towards low disk space on your computer.


Once you are done with manual process, restart again Mac 2011 Outlook to test out if rebuilt error in Mac Outlook is still present or not. If you come across the issue then you have corruption in Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM files and to resolve it, you require taking help of a third party OLM file recovery utility.

Reliable third-party OLM repair software can be an ideal solution for non-technical or novice users to quick fix-up this issue: ‘Error 18000’. Kernel for OLM to PST is one such professionally-recommended OLM file repair software to recover corrupt OLM file. The software retains complete email data integrity and efficiently repairs the corrupt OLM files. The tool integrates a host of advanced features like file analysis report, multiple saving options, search options to save required file and more. The utility allows user to save recovered emails to PST, DBX, EML, MSG, MBOX, IMAP, TXT, RTF, HTML, MHTML, email servers, or web mails. User can also have a proper understanding of the functions of software just by downloading its trial version, which is also available at free of cost.

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