Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fixing OLM File Corruption is possible with OLM Recovery Tool in All Conditions

Mac Outlook store mailbox data in OLM file format. The important point that one need to keep in mind is that as an individual you may not be able to open an OLM file in any version of Windows Outlook as Windows Outlook only understands PST file format. Working on OLM file format, the real problem starts when you come across the file error or corruption. As a user, you can very well identify the data corruption scenario if any one of the following cases takes place:

  • MS Outlook for Mac OS X got crashed and stops loading abruptly.

  • Every time you made an attempt to open your Outlook after reboot of your system, you get encountered with an error message stating “Microsoft Daemon cannot be opened due to following errors”.

  • Outlook stops functioning after showing this above error message and you get a bouncing logo of Outlook in the doc even after making numerous attempts to open your email client.
Now, important point that you need to keep in mind is that whenever anyone of these problems occurs in your OLM database, you would require frequently perform adequate action so that you can keep going with regular working.

What can be done to overcome the corruption of OLM file? 

Well dealing with such and many other numerous can get tricky if you haven’t maintained a proper backup of data at right time. However, today people have understood the value of data and now each person pursue the practice to backup their crucial stuff.

Availability of a backup copy is immensely helpful as you can use it to restore data. However, it is important to make certain that you have a valid, full, and most recent backup because if you have not backed up the latest data, you cannot regain access to it once it is lost and you may fail to Recover OLM file. But backup data are still not secure as OLM corruption is one such issue that is very uncertain. Adding to that, chances are also high that you may have not created backup of OLM file. In such a scenario, by making a right utilization of database utility to reconstruct new id of Outlook, it gets possible to fix a number of issues related to the database. There are many who might be recommending you to install the updates from online resources for your Office applications. Nevertheless, the right option that you can opt is installing most suitable OLM Recovery software like Kernel for OLM to PST conversion tool.

This application is really capable in repairing the damaged files successfully and restores all the data items such as emails, calendars, contacts, emails attachments and other email data from it. The good highlight of this software is the facility that allows user to search specific items depending upon different criteria i.e. From, To, Subject, Received before (date), Received after (date) and Attachment. Besides this, the tool also retains the original structure, properties, and Meta data after conversion completely intact. As a user, you can very well download the trial version at free of cost and evaluate its performance.
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